Why Using a Registry Cleaner Wont Speed Up Your PC or Fix Crashes

This post has introduced the Windows registry and explained why you need to clean up registry. It has also listed top 10 free registry cleaners for Windows 10 and the way to back up your computer. That is to say, Windows will refer to the registry when you are trying to open a program or change hardware. But you should know that not all the Windows applications use the registry for configurations. As a typical example, the configuration files of portable applications are usually held in their executables. If you want to perform proper computer maintenance, then it is important to keep your Windows 11 registry free from junk and other unwanted residues.

Just as the case has mentioned, the SSD gets full because of the installation of Steam. The easiest way to solve this SSD full for no reason issue is uninstalling some programs. After you complete the steps, the folder will lock, and the password will be required to unlock the contents again.

How do I clean the Windows 10 Registry?

Open registry editor then locates the Registry entry you wish to edit or change the value of. The latest version of windows will be downloaded now. The next time, be sure to make a backup after you fix the broken entry to make it simple if there is a broken registry entry. Too many applications running may cause your PC to perform very slow which may either result in crashing or forceful shutdown. To curb this issue, we can end the unwanted running applications from the taskbar. To change a value’s data, right-click amd Driver Updater on the value on the right and choose Assign a new Value data and then select OK to confirm, as shown in Figure 11.

  • To fix this problem, unplug this device from your computer and then plug it in again.
  • You can use this tool to repair Windows Update and finally get the latest version of Windows 10.
  • Windows 8.1 is the latest version of the client operating system from Microsoft available for end users.

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How to Fix Windows Update Errors

Whereas SFC mainly works to repair your system files, the DISM fixes the errors in your hard drive. Before you get your hands dirty with any of the methods below, it’s imperative that you make sure that the errors you’re facing are really the errors about a corrupt registry. It’s fair to say that registry cleaner apps, such as CCleaner, have a bit of a bad reputation.

Register All Changes

The sooner you diagnose and fix or replace your hard drive, the better; otherwise, you might find yourself with a malfunctioning hard drive and no way to get your data off of it. Windows 10 Disk Check is an intuitive tool that can scan and repair hard drives to reduce the risk of total disk failure and loss of critical information. The CHKDSK command can segregate bad blocks on your hard drive. If after running this command you lost access to 200 GB, then that likely means your hard drive had a ton of bad sectors and may be on the verge of failing. You should back up your data and replace the drive ASAP. Additional parameters are available for more specialized tasks, and are detailed at Microsoft’s TechNet site.