Passionate about Bamboo

At TaKe Group we are passionate about bamboo!

Bamboo is an immensely versatile yet underutilized resource. It is light, flexible and immensely strong. It can be used in place of wood or steel or plastic, while its fibre can be woven into delicate baskets or moulded into exquisite tableware and other eco-friendly products.

Bamboo grows amazingly quickly, with some species growing at more than 100 cm/day. It also regenerates so the more it is harvested the more it will grow.
With this growth rate bamboo captures and stores CO2 at a rate up to 10-times faster than trees, thus helping to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere while also creating oxygen. And best of all bamboo is biodegradable, helping to protect the environment.

We believe that with a vertically integrated, traceable supply chain using locally-grown bamboo and our new manufacturing technique that does not use melamine, we can produce extraordinary sustainable products for local and global markets. We will prove this model in Hong Kong, with a vision to apply it globally.