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We are a bamboo solutions company operating across a number of consumer durables categories through end-to-end verticals and licensing agreements.

TaKe Group is inspiring new ways of thinking about and using bamboo; helping to create a sustainable cycle from planting to harvesting, into innovative products, their usage and final biodegradation.

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TaKe Concepts

Replaces the use of plastic in business product lines with our bamboo pellets through licensing. We also design and make-to-order products that address manufacturing needs for sustainability without compromise.

TaKe Farms

Giving landowners the opportunity to generate income and carbon credits through bamboo as a short- or long-term crop solution. We currently have nearly 3 million sq ft of land in Hong Kong identified for potential multi-year lease. This is a model we plan to replicate in other markets.

TaKe Careers

Be part of a company with a mission to empower sustainable change through the magic of bamboo.

TaKe Concepts
: If you are business that is interested in buying or licensing our bamboo pellets as a replacement for plastic in your own product lines, click for more info

TaKe Farms: If you are a landowner that is considering bamboo as a short or long term crop solution and generate both an income and carbon credits, click for more info

TaKe Careers: If you would like to be part of a company with a mission to empower sustinabale change through the magic of bamboo then click here for more info. We are always on the lookout for talented product designers, agriculturists and business development people