British IT people come to Hong Kong to start a “Bamboo” construction of an environmental protection one-stop

Full of vigor – Rob Davenport, who is optimistic and loves sports, wears an orange jacket to give a person a full of vigor. 
(The interviewee temporarily removed the mask due to the need for filming) (Photo by Su Zhixin)

[Ming Pao News] There is an old saying: Some people resign and return to their hometowns, and some people rush to the field at night. 

At a time when the number of Hong Kong people moving to the UK is increasing day by day, some British people have been uprooted from their ancestral homes and moved to Hong Kong. 

Rob Davenport used to be in the information technology industry that everyone admired, but he turned into a kitchenware business, and later joined the ranks of environmental protection; he did not understand Japanese, but the company used the name of Japanese TaKe (bamboo), whether it was a mystery or influenced by Asian culture ? Live in the city, but love the landscape. 

I really want to ask Rob,

“What drives you to do it? It’s love, it’s responsibility?”

I believe Rob will answer: “It’s love!”

Living at ease: I love to play in the mountains and water in Hong Kong, and I love barbecue pork buns

Educated since childhood – Rob has loved nature at a young age. When he was a child, his parents would always take him to the allotment (community farm) that is popular in the UK on weekends. 
(provided by respondents)

Rob Davenport likes to explore, learn new things, and travel.

He thought he must have lived in many places. It turns out that Hong Kong was the first place he settled abroad. 

Rob said with a smile that although he holds a British passport, he already regards Hong Kong as his home. 

What is it about Hong Kong that attracts him? 

“In Hong Kong, I can go hiking in the morning and then go back to the office to work until the early hours of the morning…

I can work 16 hours a day, but in the natural environment, I can feel completely relaxed.”